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How to care for your elderly relatives

Caring for your elderly relatives can be challenging and it can take a lot of your time. Therefore, it makes sense to get additional help from a skilled home health care company in Chesterfield. You can also explore other options aside from skilled home health care in Macomb such as an assisted healthcare facility. These options have their own advantages and disadvantages so depending on your actual situation, one solution might be more appropriate than the other. Ultimately, it is important that you know how to tend to your elderly relatives so here are some important tips to keep in mind.

  1. Make necessary changes in your house

Depending on the condition of your elderly relative, you might need to make some changes to your house to make it a safer and more comfortable place to live in. Similar to baby-proofing a house, there might be small and big changes that you need to implement. For instance, you need to declutter excess furnishings and tuck away cables to prevent accidents. You might need to install a monitor or an alarm for emergency purposes. Additionally, you need to inspect the bathroom since accidents are common in that area. There is no small change that can go unnoticed so make sure that you put a priority on safety especially for your older relatives in your house.

  1. Get help

It might not be possible for you to take on all the responsibilities of caring for your older family members. You also need to attend to other things in your life like work so it makes sense if you decide to get help. There are caregivers and other service providers that can help you when it comes to assisting your elderly relatives. They can do more than help them with physical care – they can provide companionship too.

  1. Get the family involved

Even if you’ve hired help, you should not neglect your duties to your older relatives. You should get the whole family involved when it comes to caring for your elderly loved ones. Even if it is just as simple as spending a short quality time with them can go a long way.

  1. Pets matter

When it comes to caring for your elderly loved ones, letting them have a pet might be of help. There have been researches that show how elderly people who are sick began to recover because of the companionship of their pets. Additionally, pets can provide entertainment to them, which can be a huge break from a rather dull and boring day.


4 Enjoyable activities to do with your senior parents

If you have senior parents that doesn’t mean you can no longer do fun activities with them. You may need to be selective but there are a lot of enjoyable activities that you can spend quality time on. If you are caring for senior parents, doing a few activities every now and then can break the monotony and reduce the stress that you both feel. Since you have skilled home health care assistance in Chesterfield, you can think of fun activities without leaving the house. You can also take short trips if that is allowed. However, make sure that you seek the advice of their doctors and you may want your skilled home health care provider in Macomb go with you on that trip. If you are out of ideas on what activities you can do with your senior parents, here are some that can help you out.

  1. Go on a spa day

One of the best activities that you can both enjoy and will definitely reduce the stress you are feeling is to go on a spa day. Book an appointment to your local spa and go there with your senior parents. Nothing beats a great massage and that can even help in improving the health of your parents. After that, you can grab a bite and chat about the amazing experience that you just had.

  1. Have a cookout

On one weekend, you can invite family and friends to have a cookout party with your senior parents at the house. You can fire up the grill or you can bake cakes and cookies. However, make sure that your parents will eat what is only recommended to them. Don’t forget to remind them to take their medications whenever necessary.

  1. Play board games

It is recommended to play board games with your senior parents not only because it takes away the boredom but it also helps them stay sharp and focused. Playing board games requires you to strategize and a good brain workout is preferred for your senior parents. Let them choose their favorite board games and play those. You might even learn new games that you weren’t familiar with before.

  1. Attend events

Look for events that would interest your senior parents. If they can still attend events then do this with them. There may be local concerts, museum exhibitions, or food fairs that they would want to see. Aside from actually going to the events, the fun part already starts when you plan for it together. You may even plan on what to bring, when to go, and who else to invite to the events that you want to attend. This is also a great way to give your senior parents something to look forward.


How to Sleep Better for Seniors

For the elderly, getting a good night’s sleep is just as important as when they were younger, if not more so. Sleep helps rejuvenate the body, helping it to repair cells that were damaged during the day, and strengthen the immune system. It also improves attention, focus, memory, and prevents serious health problems from developing.

If a senior is having trouble sleeping at night or is overly tired and sleeping too much, it could be a result of another issue. While receiving skilled health care at home in Chesterfield or any other place, it would be a good idea to keep the attendant on duty up-to-date on sleep habits and/or problems. Besides looking for irregular activities and sleep patterns, being overly tired or having insomnia could be a sign of something else so make sure to seek help from a doctor. There are a number of conditions that could affect a person’s sleep including frequent urination, restless leg syndrome, heart arrhythmia, and sleep apnea.

Here are some simple tips that may help seniors get a better sleep:

Get into a routine.

Settling into a routine can kick the body clock back into gear. Waking up, eating, exercising, and doing other daily activities can get the body used to being tired at a certain time. Try to end the day with something relaxing like reading a book to make it even easier to fall asleep.

Drink less fluids at night.

This will make for less trips to the bathroom at night, which tends to be a common disrupter of sleep. Frequent urination tends to increase with age as well, which makes this problem even more of a pain for seniors and prevent them from getting an uninterrupted night of rest.

Create the right environment

Try to avoid watching television or fiddling around on a tablet or phone while in bed. This will help train the brain to think of bed as only for sleeping. As well, try to limit the use of these electronics to at least one hour before bed as these devices stimulate the brain in a way that makes it harder to fall asleep. The bed should also be comfortable and inviting and have enough support according to each individual’s needs.

Essential Oils

Certain scents can help relax the body and muscles, easing tension and make for a more peaceful and deeper sleep. Lavender, ylang ylang, cedarwood, and chamomile are just some examples that can calm the body and mind. There are also lovely combinations of oils that are suggested to soothe other ailments such as colds, arthritis, and muscle soreness to name a few.

If receiving skilled home health care in Macomb or if the senior has any health conditions, check with a doctor to make sure a blend or specific oil won’t affect any other treatments or cause irritation or sensitivity before trying.


How Involvement and Independence Affects Health

One of the largest obstacles in a senior’s life is accepting help and adjusting to a changing lifestyle. Once a Chesterfield skilled home health care aide has been introduced into the home to care after a senior, the main focus is usually which tasks, worries, or responsibilities are to be passed on. However, it could be beneficial for the senior to participate in certain activities if their health allows for it.

Striking this balance between completing a task alone or involving the patient where appropriate can have multiple benefits including a much better quality of life for the elderly. By staying physically, mentally, and/or emotionally involved in an activity or task, research has shown that the person’s cognitive function and relative well-being can improve.

Encouraging a greater amount of interaction during daily minute tasks could be as small as asking for their opinions when making shopping lists or for advice on how best to make an omelette. Making relevant conversation during these tasks will make the individual feel more helpful and involved in the process.

Puzzles of any kind are a great way to pass time, exercise the mind, be independent, and provide a casual way to make conversation. These puzzles could be crosswords, sudokus, word searches, or jigsaws. Board games could be fun as well and introduce a bit of competition to switch up a routine and add variety.

Hobbies in general are also a great way to boost morale and encourage independence. This could be a personal project or goal of the patient to work towards. It can range from painting to dancing to writing. Whatever it is, it’s a way for the person to feel more in control of their life and indulge in things they enjoy.

During any of these activities, patience on both sides of the senior and caregiver is essential. Not only is this important in maintaining a great relationship, but it will make it easier for the person to stick with this busier lifestyle for longer and help prevent quitting.

The connection between participation and general well-being is a valuable concept to keep in mind. Such simple ideas can make a big difference in a person’s life when they are receiving skilled care from a home health care in Macomb.


How to Talk About Home Health Care With Loved Ones

Whether your parent just experienced a bad fall or you’re concerned that they’re not taking their medication correctly, it’s normal to be concerned with loved ones as they age. Skilled home health care in Chesterfield is a great way to ensure seniors receive the attention they need while allowing them to maintain independence and live in their own house.

If you want to talk to your aging loved one about considering hiring a caregiver to assist with day-to-day activities, read on for advice on having a constructive conversation.

Be Tactful When Discussing

Mindfulness is important when bringing up skilled home health care in Macomb. This might be an uncomfortable topic for your parent, so take some time to plan the conversation before broaching the subject.

Bring up specific activities you believe they might need help with. Perhaps they need someone to assist with cooking meals, reminding them to take medication, or driving them to medical appointments. If you can pinpoint your areas of concern and how skilled health care in Macomb can help, it’ll be easier to have open dialogue about the topic.

Explain How You Feel

Be honest with your parents about how your concern for their health and safety makes you feel. If you are acting as their primary caregiver, explain the impact that this responsibility is having on your life. Your parents want you to be happy and knowing that you’re concerned might be the push they need.

Remember to Listen

Though you have their best interests at heart, remember that your parents will ultimately be the ones interacting with their caregiver. Listen to any concerns that they voice and remember that this is likely a brand-new experience for them. Ask plenty of open-ended questions to help facilitate the conversation and make sure to listen closely to what they have to say. Your loved ones shouldn’t feel forced into the situation, nor cornered to make a decision right away.

Bring In Someone They Trust

Sometimes, bringing an unbiased yet influential voice to the conversation will help bring your parents around. Whether it’s a doctor, best friend or community member, discuss your concerns with a confidant that might be able to help. If you know someone who currently relies on skilled home health care in Chesterfield, asking them to discuss their experience might help your parents see the benefits.

Compromise With a Trial-Run

If your loved one seems hesitant about moving forward with skilled home health care in Macomb, suggest giving it a try on a trial basis. This will give your aging loved one a chance to see what it’s like to have help and get to know their potential caregiver.