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How to deal with living with an aging loved one in Chesterfield, Macomb County

It is inevitable for everyone to grow old and have different needs than they used to. If you are living with an aging loved one, you might already know that they have specific needs that should be met to make sure that they healthy. Their demanding needs can sometimes be difficult to meet without seeking professional help. Moreover, some of our aging loved ones can get sick and will need additional medical attention that we cannot personally provide. Therefore, if you are living with an elderly loved one, you might want to consider getting help for home nursing care in Chesterfield.

If you are living with an elderly loved one and you want to better understand why home nursing care in Macomb is important, here are its advantages.

  1. It keeps the family intact

When you choose to have this, your elderly loved one who has special needs can be cared for properly without having to leave your house and get separated from the family. Therefore, you can make sure that the family remains whole but with just added help to make sure that your elderly family member’s needs are met. You can still enjoy the same activities and have regular family time like before unlike if you transfer them to a separate facility and you just get to visit them every now and then.

  1. It doesn’t take away your loved one from their comfort zone

Where you live is your family’s comfort zone and you wouldn’t want to just remove anyone from their comfort zone. With home nursing care, you give your elderly family member the right level of attention, be it medical, emotional, or otherwise, without forcing them out of their comfort zone permanently. By doing this, they have a better chance to faster recovery since everything around is familiar. Moreover, since things remain familiar, they don’t have to undergo a lot of adjustments to get better.

  1. It still allows your loved one to be independent

Oftentimes, elderly people are scared of losing their independence when they are moved to another residential facility. This will never happen in their own house. Even with extra help, your loved ones will continue to stay independent in doing the activities that they can do on their own.

  1. It is pocket-friendly

Contrary to popular belief, this service is actually budget-friendly. It is more practical to get help in the comforts of your own home rather than moving your loved one to a nursing facility. You still get the same professional service but at a lower cost.


Brain Exercises For the Elderly

While receiving home nursing care in Chesterfield, there are many fun things a senior can do. And, some of these activities can also be beneficial in improving and maintaining brain function.

Puzzles are both entertaining and beneficial to mental health and cognitive function. It’s an activity that doesn’t require many materials, can be done alone or with a companion, and exercise the brain in various ways. Studies show mixed results and opinions on whether puzzles do make an actual difference concerning dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. Regardless of the science behind it, puzzles are fun and though the lasting effects are unknown, at least for the time being, it can keep the brain feeling sharp and add confidence.


These Japanese puzzles are fun and usually done alone. One has to use a combination of memory and logic in order to solve the puzzle and complete the grid it is played on. Sticking to the appropriate difficulty levels (at least in the beginning) will build confidence and avoid frustration and discouragement.


When these come in such beautiful varieties, there is definitely a satisfaction to be felt when completed. This is thought by some to help with visual perception and recognition. It can be very relaxing and fun to do alone or with a companion.


Contrary to popular opinion, there have been no concrete evidence or studies to suggest that doing crosswords have a positive effect on decreased cognitive function that is age-related. However, one study suggested that those who did crosswords regularly often had less of a decline in memory and perception speed.

Learning a language is suggested as a very positive way to strengthen the mind. Besides the reward of gaining knowledge one didn’t have before, the act of learning something new requires focus, concentration, memory, logic, and various other cognitive functions that may or may not decline with age. By using all of these different areas of the brain to work on one skill, this activity would make sense as the most effective way to exercise the brain.

Social interaction combats depression and loneliness, but can also be important in maintaining cognitive abilities like memory. A range of interaction across different groups of friends, family, and strangers will help seniors keep a strong foundation of support, clear speech, and improve overall quality of life. Friends can be found anywhere in Macomb, through local events and activities, shared hobbies, or when receiving nursing care at home. This one is good for the brain and the heart.


The Recovery Period for a Dislocated Shoulder

Elderly people are most likely to suffer from a dislocated shoulder, as their bones become more fragile as they age.

There’s a myth that there is zero recovery period from a dislocated shoulder, which is likely perpetuated by the few individuals who can pop their shoulder out and back into its socket painlessly.

The fact is: the recovery period to regain full motion of your arm after a dislocated shoulder is 3-4 weeks, perhaps longer for some people.

How is a Dislocated Shoulder Caused and How Can You Recover?

The biggest cause of a dislocated shoulder in elderly people is from falling over. If you fall and land on your arms in a certain way, the shoulder ball can dislocate from the front of the socket.

If this happens, you’ll have to wear your arm in a sling for 2-3 weeks, and you may also perhaps be prescribed some light physiotherapy in order to regain full motion of your arm.

If you’ve invested in the home nursing care Chesterfield or Macomb has to offer, you’ll have access to a trained medical professional who can look out for you and help you nurse your shoulder back to health.

They may also be able to assist with basic tasks in and around the house that become harder with your arm in a sling, such as showering, cooking, or getting dressed. These are the sort of tasks that these nurses are trained to help less physically able people to perform, so you’re in good hands.

Certainly, if you’re an older person who is prone to losing their balance around the home, home nursing care may be a sensible investment to make. 

The Long-Term Recovery from a Dislocated Shoulder

Bear in mind that once a shoulder has been dislocated once, it’s most susceptible to popping out of its socket again, as the initial dislocation can widen the socket and loosen the muscles that hold it in place.

If you’re an older person who tends to lose their balance, it’s highly recommended to invest in this area, especially if you’re suffered from a dislocated shoulder before, as falling onto your arm is likely to result in a recurrence of this injury.

There are shoulder operations you can have to help prevent recurrences, but this can be very expensive and are usually only recommended for individuals who have suffered from multiple dislocations. The recovery period from these operations can be between nine months and one year, and involves more intense versions of the exercises described above. For an elderly person, this is unlikely to be recommended by a medical professional.

Nevertheless, those who have invested in the home nursing care Macomb or Chesterfield has to offer will have access to nurses that can help them with this type of recovery too.


Home Nursing Care and Alzheimer’s Disease

There are certain illnesses and diseases that have a scary future for the patient. The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can be a huge blow to a person and their family. This is the type of disease that puts a time limit on people’s lives and can change the course of a family’s path in life. This diagnosis can be very scary but those with it are great candidates for receiving home nursing care in their Chesterfield home.

Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that starts out with a couple of small, not so noticeable, symptoms. This disease can have a serious progression that can take the mental functions of the patient. This diagnosis is what causes many of the diagnosed cases of dementia. It can only be diagnosed through serious cognitive tests and medical brain imaging tests.

It can turn a person into someone that they wouldn’t normally be. The symptoms include short-term memory loss, serious language issues, disorientation, and mood swings. It can also cause serious behavioral issues like depression and violence and will eventually deteriorate the bodily functions of the patient.

This illness can cause serious accidents and close calls in the patient’s life. It has caused major car accidents that have resulted in the loss of life. Some patients even get lost and disoriented and they don’t know where they are or what the date is. There are even instances where patients forget their family members’ names are do not recognize them all together. All that anyone can do is to treat the symptoms.

These types of patients are great candidates to have home nursing care from a Macomb agency. It is a given that they will need care but the degree of that care will change over the course of the disease. This type of assistance can really help them to maintain as much quality of life as possible. This can help them be able to maintain their independence for as long as it is possible, as long as they are not putting themselves in danger by staying at home.

Although it may be scary, there are things that can be done. No one is really sure what the causes of the disease is other than the educated assumption that it is probably genetic, but they are not really sure. Research for a cure and new medications are being done every day, all around the world. We can do the best we can and hope that they will find a cure soon so that no one, or their family, has to go through the torture which is Alzheimer’s disease.