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5 Types of home care services in Chesterfield

Home care in Chesterfield is a type of professional help a person seeks for their aging loved ones. Growing old cannot be avoided but what you can do is to prepare for it and take the necessary actions to combat the new demands of aging. It is great to know that in the middle of the challenges of dealing, caring, and loving for your aging parents and relatives, you can seek help for home care in Macomb to make sure that your loved ones are always safe and that their needs are always prioritized.

There are different services available for home care and they are as follows:

  1. Non-medical assistance

It is possible for your senior parents to be physically fit yet still have some other concerns that need to be addressed. For instance, they can be physically fit but are showing early signs of Alzheimer’s, which means that they need additional help in making sure that they pay the bills on time or that they turned off the stove before leaving the house. If this is the case, you need to get a non-medical assistance kind of help. The professional who will assist your parents can help with these non-medical responsibilities to make sure that everything is in the right order and that your parents’ well-being is taken care of.

  1. Licensed medical assistance

In other cases, your aging loved one might have a chronic illnesses that needs to be addressed. Moreover, they might need to take certain medicines regularly to manage their illnesses. This is where licensed medical assistance like doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and more is appropriate. They can help make sure that the health of your aging parents is kept in check. They can help monitor their health conditions, recommended new treatment plans, and make sure that they take their medicines as recommended.

  1. Companion

Another type of in-home care service is called companions and they are people who serve as your aging loved ones’ friendly aide. Most of the time, your aging loved ones prefer to continue living in their house on their own but need to be checked in on to make sure that they are safe and protected. A companion can help ensure this and they can also do home-related tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and gardening. They can also help in making sure that proper physical hygiene is maintained.

  1. Others

There are other types of services that deal a lot closer with caregiving. If you have senior loved ones who need more focused attention because they can no longer do things on their own due to mobility issues, you can also get help for them.


5 Perks of home care for your aging loved ones because family matters

There comes a point in time when you have to make a big decision for your aging loved ones. They might be needing a special kind of attention that you can’t give all the time. When this happens, you may be torn between find a residential care facility for them or choosing home health care in Chesterfield. In most case, deciding to go for a home health care system in Macomb might be the better choice because you still get to live with your senior loved ones at the house while they get the appropriate attention they need. Here are some of the perks of going for the latter.

  1. Almost nothing has changed

Since in this kind of service, your aging loved one remain at home, you and they will not feel much of a change. They will have the same level of comfort and familiarity since they didn’t move out. It is only the one providing them with attention who will be going to your home to do so. Your loved ones continue to stay in their old room, sleep in their own bed, and have almost the same routine as before. They just receive better attention now than before.

  1. Personal attention can lead to quicker recovery

Based on past studies, it has been found that a person recovers a lot quicker when they stay in their own home. Therefore, even for your senior loved ones, staying at home while receiving specific medical attention is preferred. This can help them get better quicker and go back to their daily routine in no time. Soon, they might not even need additional help at all and they can do their normal day-to-day activities on their own.

  1. You will worry less

Again, since your aging loved ones won’t be leaving your house, you can see them every single day and this will make you worry less. You can check on them any time you want, and even late at night, you can still see them. This isn’t possible if you move them to another facility because oftentimes they has set visitation hours.

  1. They feel more loved

Since they will remain at the house, they will receive more of your love because they will never feel like you have isolated them. They will know that you got additional help to make them feel better and to help get better.

  1. Pets are allowed

If you move your aging loved ones into a residential facility, they might not be able to bring their pets with them. Since they will still be in their home, they can continue caring for their pets. Oftentimes, having pets help in preventing loneliness and mitigating heart problems among seniors.


4 Fun things to do with your senior parents to keep them active and healthy

We all know that health is wealth and this is even of the essence when we get older. As we grow older, we need to stay physically active as one of the things that contribute to better overall health. If you have senior parents, you need to persuade them to keep on moving because that will help them prolong their motor skills, keep them fit, and let them stay healthy. However, some parents grow lazy and they just want to sit down and watch TV. Therefore, it can get tricky to persuade them to move, but it can be done with the right activities. Here are some fun activities that don’t look like a workout but can be effective in helping your senior parents stay active and healthy.

  1. Walk in the park

Bring your kids and your senior parents to the park and walk around the area with them. If your kids are already walking, let them play chase with your parents. This way, they won’t notice that you are getting them to work out because they are simply having fun bonding with their grandchildren. You can also ask them to pick up your kids if they can because that can be some sort of light weightlifting that they can do in addition to the cardio that they just did after chasing them.

  1. Arrange family fun sports day

Turn the workout you want your senior parents to do into something competitive like an inter-family bowling competition. On the weekends, head out to the bowling alley and strike out pins with your parents. You can also do other sports if they are not into bowling. However, make sure that they are allowed to do any low impact sports before engaging your parents into doing these physical activities. You can check with your skilled nursing care attendant before engaging in any activities in Chesterfield.

  1. Tai-chi in the park

A great way to help your parents improve their flexibility and release any cramped muscle is to do tai-chi, a popular Chinese martial arts known for self-defense. There may be clubs that hold free tai-chi classes in the park. You and your parents should join these classes because aside from improving your flexibility, it can also help release tension and stress. If you’re engaging skilled nursing care services in Macomb, you can even ask that the caregiver to attend as well.

  1. Go to the supermarket

This is a neat trick to get your senior parents moving because they will hardly notice it. When you head out to the supermarket, ask them to go with you. Walking around the large aisles in the supermarket is a good workout in itself. While doing that, shopping in the supermarket can also be therapeutic for most people.


4 Enjoyable activities to do with your senior parents

If you have senior parents that doesn’t mean you can no longer do fun activities with them. You may need to be selective but there are a lot of enjoyable activities that you can spend quality time on. If you are caring for senior parents, doing a few activities every now and then can break the monotony and reduce the stress that you both feel. Since you have skilled home health care assistance in Chesterfield, you can think of fun activities without leaving the house. You can also take short trips if that is allowed. However, make sure that you seek the advice of their doctors and you may want your skilled home health care provider in Macomb go with you on that trip. If you are out of ideas on what activities you can do with your senior parents, here are some that can help you out.

  1. Go on a spa day

One of the best activities that you can both enjoy and will definitely reduce the stress you are feeling is to go on a spa day. Book an appointment to your local spa and go there with your senior parents. Nothing beats a great massage and that can even help in improving the health of your parents. After that, you can grab a bite and chat about the amazing experience that you just had.

  1. Have a cookout

On one weekend, you can invite family and friends to have a cookout party with your senior parents at the house. You can fire up the grill or you can bake cakes and cookies. However, make sure that your parents will eat what is only recommended to them. Don’t forget to remind them to take their medications whenever necessary.

  1. Play board games

It is recommended to play board games with your senior parents not only because it takes away the boredom but it also helps them stay sharp and focused. Playing board games requires you to strategize and a good brain workout is preferred for your senior parents. Let them choose their favorite board games and play those. You might even learn new games that you weren’t familiar with before.

  1. Attend events

Look for events that would interest your senior parents. If they can still attend events then do this with them. There may be local concerts, museum exhibitions, or food fairs that they would want to see. Aside from actually going to the events, the fun part already starts when you plan for it together. You may even plan on what to bring, when to go, and who else to invite to the events that you want to attend. This is also a great way to give your senior parents something to look forward.


4 Common uses of home health care services

In Chesterfield, home health care is a good alternative to moving your aging relatives into another residential facility just to keep their needs in check. With home health care in Macomb, you can simply hire someone’s services to help make sure that your relatives who need assistance are provided with the help they need. However, many people are still hesitant about it but it actually offers a ton of benefits such as keeping your relatives in their comfort zone, which often leads to faster recovery. Additionally, choosing this is often cheaper than moving your relatives to a separate living facility. To further understand this, here are the common uses of home health care services.

  1. Daily needs of your senior relatives

Growing older sometimes brings new necessities that can be demanding and require assistance in order for them to be met. For instance, seniors often need to take medicine to manage their heart condition. If they skip their medications, it can be very dangerous. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of time to always keep an eye on their senior relatives. Therefore, you can hire help for this to ensure that all medicines are taken at the right time and avoid any emergencies.

  1. Seniors with mobility problems

Some seniors begin experiencing mobility issues at a certain point. With chronic pain on the legs and back, it is possible that going up and down the stairs or just walking around the house becomes an impossible daily task. If this is the case, you can get someone who can help assist your senior relatives with their mobility problems. They can assist with walking around the house, getting up and down the stairs, and even making sure that their physical hygiene is in check.

  1. Injury recovery

If your aging relative is suffering from an injury, it is likely that they need assistance to recover from it. If they need rehabilitation, you need to hire a physical therapist so they can go back to their normal day-to-day functions. When it comes to injury recovery, home care is preferred because staying in the same house often helps people get better faster compared to having them stay in the hospital or in a rehabilitation facility.

  1. Advanced car

In some instances, your senior loved ones might be suffering from advanced medical conditions like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. If this is the case, help is really necessary to make sure that you loved ones are well-taken care of. They will definitely need caregivers who will make sure that they are brought in for doctor’s appointments regularly, that they take their medicines on time, and that they are as comfortable as possible.