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When Is Home Health Care Not Enough?

The goal of skilled home health care in the Chesterfield home of your elderly loved one is to give them the little extra help they need and a great friend to stop by once a week. There comes a point when that care may just not be enough anymore. It is important for the family members and the skilled home health care professional from the Macomb agency to pay attention to the warning signs that may arise. These signs will present themselves in many different ways.

  • Accidents within the home and the life of the loved one may occur. Things like falls, serious health scares, and car accidents may begin to rear their ugly heads.
  • Chronic health conditions may begin to progress and get worse. Illnesses like Alzheimer’s, congestive heart failure, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can progress to a point where regular, daily attention becomes necessary.
  • Many people will display changes in their personalities that are not usual for that person. Things like depression, anger, and violence can become common but are irregular for that person’s normal behavior.
  • They recover from common illnesses much slower and many times, these illnesses become far more serious. For example, regular winter colds may progress into pneumonia or bronchitis.
  • Family members and friends may notice physical deterioration. They may show severe weight loss, frailty, and body odors, which may be signs that they are unable to conduct regular daily functions and hygiene routines.
  • People may also show signs of mental deterioration along with the physical. They may have difficulty following simple directions, confusion, and may need frequent prompts and reminders to do normal and everyday things.
  • When daily life begins to get really difficult, they may reduce their socialization activities and stop doing the hobbies they once loved. They will stop attending church or going to play cards and have fun with their friends.
  • They will also fail to maintain their homes in the way that they used to. The house will become messy, cluttered, and overall unclean and unsanitary. They will also fail to check and open their mail or grab their newspapers from the front porch.

Many times, and more often than not, this decision to go from in-home care to a residential facility is difficult for everyone. One of the first stages will be denial from both sides, both you and your loved one. The important thing is to maintain and realistic outlook and to invite the objective opinions of others. By asking friends and their doctor, you may be able to get a real answer from people who want to tell you the truth about the situation. The one thing to keep in mind is that their health is the first and foremost important thing.


How To Know When It Is Time To Hire A Home Care Professional

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they are going to need to be taken care of. For many people, that time comes as they reach the elderly stage in their life. That can be a difficult realization for the person and their family that they cannot handle life solely on their own anymore. When that point comes, the conversation needs to be had on what type of care they are going to require. There are a lot of factors that can point in the direction on needing to bring in home nursing care to your Chesterfield home.

There are certain warning signs and signals that can indicate that it is time to bring professional help for the care of your loved one. These signals can involve both physical and mental happenings that you can observe, that may be small, but can be indicating bigger issues.

There can be changes in the physical and mental condition and appearance of your loved one. Things such as wearing dirty clothes, daily chores not being done, and inadequate amounts of food in the house can be signs that they are unable to physically care for themselves. Signs such as not opening the daily mail, forgetting what day of the week it is, and forgetting to do regular routine things can be signs that it is time to consider help.

Many times, the care of the elderly falls on one of the family members, and that in itself can pose an issue. There is such a thing as caregiver burnout and it really happens to the people who bear this heavy burden. Many times, the caregiver develops issues in their own lives. They begin to have issues with work, family, and the normal stresses of daily life. Many times, the caregiver begins to neglect their own responsibilities and family.

This can be a difficult conversation for the person and their families to have. The person will get mad and the family will feel guilty but there is a way to go about it in a way that is healthy for everyone. When you bring up the issue, it must be handled with care and it cannot happen when the situation is already at a crisis point. When you talk to them about the situation, you want to make them aware that they are a part of the decision. Pose questions to them like “Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra pair of hands around to help you out?” This will ease you into the conversation about bringing home nursing care into your Macomb home and begin an open dialogue about what is going on in their house.


Home Nursing Care and Alzheimer’s Disease

There are certain illnesses and diseases that have a scary future for the patient. The diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can be a huge blow to a person and their family. This is the type of disease that puts a time limit on people’s lives and can change the course of a family’s path in life. This diagnosis can be very scary but those with it are great candidates for receiving home nursing care in their Chesterfield home.

Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that starts out with a couple of small, not so noticeable, symptoms. This disease can have a serious progression that can take the mental functions of the patient. This diagnosis is what causes many of the diagnosed cases of dementia. It can only be diagnosed through serious cognitive tests and medical brain imaging tests.

It can turn a person into someone that they wouldn’t normally be. The symptoms include short-term memory loss, serious language issues, disorientation, and mood swings. It can also cause serious behavioral issues like depression and violence and will eventually deteriorate the bodily functions of the patient.

This illness can cause serious accidents and close calls in the patient’s life. It has caused major car accidents that have resulted in the loss of life. Some patients even get lost and disoriented and they don’t know where they are or what the date is. There are even instances where patients forget their family members’ names are do not recognize them all together. All that anyone can do is to treat the symptoms.

These types of patients are great candidates to have home nursing care from a Macomb agency. It is a given that they will need care but the degree of that care will change over the course of the disease. This type of assistance can really help them to maintain as much quality of life as possible. This can help them be able to maintain their independence for as long as it is possible, as long as they are not putting themselves in danger by staying at home.

Although it may be scary, there are things that can be done. No one is really sure what the causes of the disease is other than the educated assumption that it is probably genetic, but they are not really sure. Research for a cure and new medications are being done every day, all around the world. We can do the best we can and hope that they will find a cure soon so that no one, or their family, has to go through the torture which is Alzheimer’s disease.


Understanding Medicare

Health insurance is a necessary part of life because maintaining your health is essential to guaranteeing the best quality of life possible. As you age, more and more health issues can begin to present themselves. When you get older, there are certain programs and insurances that are set up just for you and your peers of that 65 and over age group, like Medicare.

Medicare is a national social insurance program that is ran and overseen by the United States federal government. It was established in 1966 to help take care of the aging and disabled population of the United States. It consists of private insurance companies that are contracted by the government to handle the medical needs of this population of American citizens.

This type of insurance doesn’t cover everyone. It is insurance for Americans age 65 and over and younger people with certain long-term disabilities. It also covers people with renal disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The medical costs of this population are not completely covered by Medicare but it will cover about half of their costs. Medicare can be quite confusing and has four different parts to it.

  • Medicare part A is coverage for hospital and hospice stays. This part includes coverage for a semi-private room, food, and necessary diagnostic tests.
  • Medicare part B is like a general medical insurance. This part is the biggest part. It helps to cover things like chiropractic services, outpatient physician appointments, home health care in Chesterfield, diagnostic tests, and chemotherapy. It will also cover mobility equipment like canes, wheelchairs, and prosthetics.
  • Medicare part C is also known as Medicare Advantage Plan and it is a supplemental plan to help cover things that parts A and B don’t cover. It’s a little added help which can really be a big help with the cost of health care these days.
  • Medicare part D is for medications. Many people require important medications to manage their health. It covers partial costs of self-administered medications that you get prescribed by your doctor.

Medicare is accepted at most major health care providers but it can be a very confusing system. There are great professionals that can help walk you through the process of applying for and getting all the coverage that you can. Even though getting old may be difficult, your Medicare can really help with a lot of different things. It helps with everything from MRIs to an agency for home health care in Macomb. There are also other programs out there that can help you cover expenses you can’t really afford.

Maintaining your quality of life is important and good health is crucial in making sure that you can live the best life you possibly can.


Home Health Care Is More Than A Job

There are a lot of jobs and career paths that take a lot of work, years of schooling, and a lot of stressful days. There are also some jobs where the people that you work for rely on you and your presence every day. Jobs such as teacher, firefighter, police officer, and nurse are a lot of those types of jobs. When it comes to the profession of working in home care in Chesterfield, the population that you serve depends on you for a lot of different things.

The elderly population is a population that requires our caring and our help. They are the previous generations that helped to build America into what it is today and they deserve our time and energy. Once they reach their older years, they need and to be taken care of physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can be difficult for them to realize that their health may be deteriorating and their physical abilities may not be what they used to be.

The professionals that work in home care in Macomb, have patients who rely on their visits for more than just the medical treatments that they offer. These daily, weekly, or monthly visits turn into something that the elderly population really looks forward to. These relationships turn into friendships and relationships that allow the elderly to be as independent as possible.

In a time in their lives when they can’t do the things that they used to, the home care professionals are a way for them to stay as independent as possible. It must be a difficult time when you realize that you may be getting to a point to where you can’t live on your own. When you have spent, say, 70 years always doing for yourself, having to rely on other people can be a really difficult thing to come to terms with.

Home care professionals are an important resource for this population and they become a bright spot in their lives. Though these professionals are there to do a job, what they do becomes way more than a job. They are friends, helpers, companions, resources, and life savers to the patients they serve.

A job like that is a gratifying job because you can go home every day knowing that you helped make someone’s life a little better and made them smile. They also can become a member of their patients’ families because they are there for a patient’s good days and their bad days. They get to know their patients’ families and can even be there for birthdays, holidays, births, and marriages. This is a job to cherish and to not take lightly.